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Disaster Relief After the Historic Flood

Disaster Relief Loan Special: Available through Nov. 30, 2016.


The past week our community has really come together as one after the devastating results of the Historic Flood. Too many of our own are displaced, staying with family, or in shelters after the wrath of Mother Nature. We want you to know, that Section 705 is here for you and can offer disaster relief.  Below are some ways that we can help you during this extremely stressful time:

1) Loan Specials

One of the first stressors during a natural disaster is “How am I going to financially get through this?” Credit unions are in the business of helping people. The credit union motto is “People Helping People!” Section 705 has several loan specials that are going on right now that can offer some financial peace of mind.

  • Our Disaster Relief Loan was just put in place to help those affected by the flood.
  • If you need a boat, a camper, or a four-wheeler to aid in cleanup, the credit union has the Hunter and RV Loan Special available to you. 
  • Don’t want to get into anymore debt? If you already have a loan with Section 705, you might qualify for the Skip-A-Payment special. This could be one less bill you have to worry about paying while waiting on funds from your insurance company or FEMA. 
  • Spruce It Up Special: Starting September 1, 2016, the credit union has a special specifically to aid in home repair. Details coming soon to your mailbox and inbox!

2) Financial Counseling

The credit union has two certified financial counselors on staff! If you are concerned about your finances after this disaster, call or email them. Cassie or Malana can help you to make a financial plan and calm your nerves. 

3) Tell Us Your Situation!

If you were affected by the flood and are worried about paying a loan, tell us. We will work with you in whatever way that we can. Have loans with other financial institutions? Many, like Navient, are offering temporary deferments for loans in an effort to support South Louisiana. 

4) Your Family and Co-Workers Can Become 705 Members.

Do you have immediate family members or co-workers who were affected? They may be eligible to join the 705 family. We can help them through this tough time as well. 

As you weather this storm, your credit union family is here for you! 

Don’t forget to see what federal funding you and your family qualify for such as: FEMA, Food Stamps, and Temporary House. 


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