Meet the Team


The Executive Team

The Executive Team members bring knowledge and unique insight to help all the areas of the credit union to run as smoothly as possible.

Cassie Theriot: CEO, Mortgage Officer, and Certified Financial Counselor Hannah Stelly: VP of Operations, Mortgage Officer, and Certified Financial Counselor
Emily Beatmann: Marketing and Business Development Director and Certified Financial Counselor
Lanie Miller: Member Solutions Manager  

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

image of raising hands with the word "volunteer" above them

The Board of Directors is a group of unpaid volunteers who aid in the decision making process of the credit union. We currently have five Board members who have been elected by the membership to serve.

Present Board of Directors

Ronald Girouard – President (2009)
Susan Cormier – Vice President (2015)
John Blanchard – Treasurer (2021)
Tiffany Rubin – Secretary (2020)
Kimberly Guidry – Director at Large (2024)




We have several volunteers at 705 FCU who truly help make credit union a better place. Below are some outstanding volunteers:

Supervisory Committee
Kimberly Guidry Chairperson –  (2020)
Kristy Trahan (2022)
Kaitlin Carrier (2024)

Why volunteer? One of the distinguishing factors about credit unions is that they are guided by volunteers from the membership. These leaders within the membership make sure that the credit union is making choices that are at the best interest of the members we serve. If you are interested in giving of your time as a volunteer of the credit union, please contact Emily via email at