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Types of Loan Products 705 FCU Offers:

Auto Loans (New and Pre-Owned)
Beginner Loans
Boat Loans (New and Pre-Owned)
Camper Loans (New and Pre-Owned)
Collateral Micro Business Lending
Line of Credit Loans
Mobile Home Loans (New and Pre-Owned)
Mortgage Loans (New and Refinance)
Motorcycle Loans (New and Pre-Owned)
Overdraft Protection Loans
Personal Loans
Recreational Vehicles (New and Pre-Owned)
Share Secured Loans


set of keysMost of us have dreamed, at one time or another, of owning our dream home. Some of us may still be looking to buy a home, but just don’t know where to start. Or, some may already own a home but would greatly benefit from refinancing it. We offer first time home loans, loans for mobile homes, and refinancing!

Are you interested in applying for a home loan of some sort? Awesome! You can always contact us for personalized service and support, where we can get you started on getting the home of your dreams. We are waiting to hear from you! Feel free to visit our rates page for more details. Below is a little more information on the various options we offer.

Mortgage Details

mortgage 2Looking into buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. However, problems with funding can take that excitement away in a heartbeat. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry--705 FCU is here to help with our mortgage loan.

705 FCU will finance up to 90% of the appraised value of the property up to $350,000, with a minimum financing term of 10 years (120 months) for vacant land only and a maximum financing term of 30 years (360 months) available on conventional land and home mortgages. 

  • All real estate loans are closed end. The member must carry full coverage insurance listing the credit union as loss payee until the mortgage is completely satisfied, including Flood insurance if a flood certificate shows the mortgaged property lies in a flood zone. Proof of all necessary insurance must be on hand and reviewed prior to closing/funding. We now require a title policy on all property loans.
  • Appraisals: The credit union will finance up to 90% of the Appraised value of the property. Members cannot choose their own appraiser, mortgage credit check and flood certification in the amount of $569.00 is required.
  • Mortgages are available for homes lying in the state of Louisiana, which will be occupied as the member’s primary residence or vacation/camp home. Additionally, purchases or refinances are welcome on either existing structures or vacant land. (Please note that this loan type does not include condominiums, mobile homes or investment properties and that 705 FCU does not currently participate in construction lending).
  • Mobile homes must be attached to land in order to get a mortgage with the credit union. 

As always, we want your experience to be relaxed and worry-free, so that you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits your home can give you. For more information on our First Mortgage Program, please contact us at your convenience. We can’t wait to help get you into your new home.

View the full list of fees for mortgages here.

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We understand that sometimes, whether it is by necessity or desire, a new ride is important! That’s why we offer a variety of vehicle loans for whatever vehicle it is that you need or want.

Our members get to enjoy low rates and affordable terms on vehicle loans with us. We offer loans on all types of vehicles including new and used automobiles, boats, campers, motorcycles, ATVs, and more! Click below on the option you are interested in to find specific information about all of our different vehicle loans.

If you have questions, or would like to meet with one of our experienced loan officers, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, don’t wait…get the vehicle of your dreams today! Apply now

Auto Loans

705 Auto Loans!

Purchasing a new automobile can come with so many choices. 705 Federal Credit Union knows that all of the options can become very overwhelming…that’s why we’re here to help you out! Contact your CU loan representatives to find out if you are making the best deal possible.

We offer competitive financing rates and terms, along with very affordable GAP protection! Plus, 705 FCU should always be your first choice because borrowing with your own Credit Union puts money right back into your pocket in the form of dividends!

Check out our rates below on both New and Used Automobile Loans. As always, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. We’re always glad to help our wonderful members make great decisions!


New Auto Loan Details
Loan Attribute Detail
*Maximum Amount Financed 100% available
Terms 36, 48, 60, 72*, an 84* Months
Minimum Loan Amount For 72 months loans, the minimum amount financed is $25,000.00 with 100% Financing.
For 84 month loans, the minimum loan amount is $40,000.00. (This amount may go lower if the total price of the automobile is higher due to down payment or trade in which lowers the total amount due.)
What is considered “new”? Any vehicle that is a current, future or 1 year old model with less than 30,000 miles is considered “new” and would fall under the new vehicle financing guidelines.


Pre-Owned Auto Details (Rates are the same up to 10 years.)
Loan Attribute Detail
Prices of Vehicles equals the terms of the loan.
(All that changes is that we go to the dollar
amount now to determine the term of financing.)
Up to $5,000.00 36 months
Up to $10,000.00 48 months
Up to $15,000.00 60 months
Up to $25,000.00 72 months


11 – 15 Year Old Vehicles (Rates are the same for vehicles 11 to 15 years old.)
Loan Attribute Details
*Maximum Amount Financed 80% Automobile Purchase Price Guide retail value including: TT&L, Warranty, Gap Insurance, and GPS in vehicle.
Terms 48 Month Financing for pre-owned vehicles 11 – 15 years old.
Maximum Loan Amount $15,000


Find a Car

Automobile Purchase Price Guide

GAP Protection

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Motorcycle Loans

Finance Your Motorcycle with 705 FCU!

Motorcycles have been around for over a century, and motorcycle owners would have no problem explaining why. For some, motorcycles are not only an efficient method of transportation, but also a lifestyle, a passion and a love. For others, the freedom of cruising around on the back of a sleek powerful machine is simply a dream that they’ve always had. motorcycle

Maybe you’re a current motorcycle owner who just needs an upgrade. Or, perhaps you’re one of the dreamers who has always fantasized about owning a motorcycle but just never had the funds to purchase one. Either way, 705 FCU would love to help you get the bike that will fulfill your every need and desire. Check out our awesome motorcycle loan rates below. We think you may be surprised to see that with our competitive financing opportunities, owning a motorcycle may not be as impractical as you may have always thought.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our loan department at 337-232-8450 option 3 today to discuss your options.


New Motorcycle Details
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum amount financed: 100% financing available
Maximum term: 84 months
Term Loans under $15,000.00, the term is 60 months
Minimum loan amount for 72 months is $15,000.00
Minimum amount for 84 months is $30,000.00



Pre-owned Motorcycle Details
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount NADA Book Loan Value
Maximum Term 5 years
Maximum Age As long as NADA can make value determination.


*******100% financing is to include selling price, tax, title and license fees and GAP*******

We hope you’ve found the information that will get you on your way to your dream bike.

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Recreational Vehicle Loans

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Are you ready for a little fun? Here at 705 FCU, our Recreational Vehicle Loans are an option so that you can do just that! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world in a sleek top-of-the-line RV upon retirement. Or, maybe you just want to finally be able to take the kids fishing in a new boat. Either way, we have the recreational vehicle loan to suit your needs!

With our competitive rates on new and used recreational vehicles, we think you’ll be excited to learn that fulfilling your dreams of owning an RV can easily be within your reach. Now is the time to get you on your way to rest and relaxation with a cool and functional RV! Check out our details below. For more information, feel free to contact us. Visit the Rates page for information!


Boat Loan Details – New
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount Financed 100% Financing Available
Maximum Term 12 years
Boat Loan Details – Pre-Owned
Maximum Amount 90% of the Appraised Value
Maximum Term 7 years

Campers and RV’s

Camper and RV Loan Details

Camper and RV Loan Details – New  
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount Financed 100% financing available
Maximum Term 15 years
Camper and RV Loan Details – Pre-Owned
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount 90% of the appraised value
Minimum Term 0 Years
Maximum Term 5 Years for Campers or RV’s older than 10 years.



Recreational Vehicle Loan Details – New
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount 100% financing available
Maximum Term 5 years Pre-Owned
Recreational Vehicle Loan Details – Pre-Owned
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount 80% of the appraised value
Maximum Term 4 years

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hand holding coinsAt one time or another, almost everyone has experienced what it’s like to be short on cash. From the unexpected birth of a new baby to the untimely breaking of a few pricey appliances, sometimes life can throw us a curveball that we are not completely prepared for. Although these situations can often leave you feeling confused and helpless, you need not worry. 705 FCU is here for you. Let us take the stress away with a personal loan designed to fit your needs.

So, don’t struggle to make ends meet when you don’t have to. If you can afford a minimal monthly payment, let us take care of the lump sum until you can catch up financially. Get started immediately by applying today, or feel free to contact us. See the different personal loan options we offer below:

Beginner Loan

Establish Credit with a Beginner Loan!

Here at 705 FCU, we understand that loans and finances can be confusing to a first time borrower. This is why we offer our unique beginner loans to make establishing credit and financial power simple.beginner loan

  • Our beginner loans start at $250 with affordable terms up to 6 months. You may have up to four (4) beginner loans in order to establish a sound credit history, one beginner loan at a time. After paying off your first beginner loan, we will increase your finance ability to $1,000. This will allow you the option to repay debt while at the same time establish a good credit history.
  • We encourage the first time borrower to try the beginner loan or the beginner visa in order to learn the ropes. Interested in a beginner loan? Apply online or contact us to learn more! Our loan staff looks forward to helping you grow into a respected borrower.

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Closed End Personal Loan

Is a Closed End Personal Loan Right for You?

In addition, for those of you who prefer a set payment with an ending date, we have closed-end personal loans up to $15,000.00. You may also borrow against your 705 FCU savings account (regular shares only).

Closed End V. Open End

  • Closed End Personal Loan: An example of a closed end personal loan is a debt consolidation loan. This loan has a set term, amount, and interest rate agreed upon closing of the loan. 
  • Open End Personal Loan: An example of this loan is a credit card or line of credit. With either of these products, the option is a little more fluid. The rate remains consistent, but the amount of the payment changes based on what you owe the credit union. 

Learn More! Checkout 705 FCU’s ratesapply online, or speak to a loan officer.

Line of Credit

Need a Line of Credit? We Got You Covered!

Here at 705 FCU, we offer an open-end line of credit with lines up to $5,000 for times of need. A line of credit is a pre-approved loan between the borrower and the credit union. This way, you get the money you need when you need it and you have the comfort of knowing you have additional funds available waiting for future needs. 

Consider using 705′ FCUs line of credit as an overdraft protection backup plan for your checking account! There are three safety net products that can be a plan B if your checking account goes into the red. Check out overdraft privilege, overdraft from savings, and overdraft from a line of credit. For frequently asked questions about our safety net options for checking just click.

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Share Secured Loans

Share Secured Loans? What’s That? 

Among all of the other excellent loan opportunities that we offer our members, we present to you our Share Secured Loans. With these types of loans, 705 FCU enables you to borrow against your shares to continue earning dividends while securing the funds that you need! Read more about these different types of share secured loans below.
There are two options when borrowing against your shares (savings).

  • With a Regular Share Secured loan you are able to borrow the full amount of your Regular Share balance. Your full account balance continues to earn dividends at the current rate for Regular Shares, while you pay only 2% above the current rate being paid on savings for the portion you borrow. The current loan balance is frozen until the loan is paid in full; however the pledged portion of the account is reduced with each payment made on the loan.
  • We also offer a 0% Share Secured loan. 705 FCU will open a special share (savings) account that pays no dividends on the funds pledged for this loan. You in turn will pay no interest on the loan. Once the loan is repaid in full, the funds in the special no interest savings account will be transferred back into the interest bearing account. The original amount of the loan will be frozen and unavailable until the loan is paid in full.

If you’d like more information on these Share Secured Loans, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our experienced and caring loan officers. Call 337-232-8450 option 3 to make an appointment for more information today.

Micro Business Loans

Collateralized Micro Business Loans

Small business owner? 705 FCU offers Collateralized Micro Business Loans to business owners within our membership. Get the business equipment you need! Whether it is a lawn mower, dump truck, or trailer, 705 FCU can help your business grow. Finance up to $50,000.00 for business purposes. Interested? Contact a loan officer. The 705 crew is excited to help local businesses flourish.
Your qualifying rate is based on your credit profile, associated credit score, and our internal credit criteria. Loan Application Fee of $20.00 for all loan application requests Membership Eligibility Required. Equal Opportunity Lender. Federally Insured by NCUA.


Loan Specials

Check back for upcoming specials! 

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Repossessions for Sale!

For details on Repossessed Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles, contact the credit union by phone at 337-232-8450 Option 9.


Do I have to come into 705 FCU to apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan in person, on the phone, or on our website.

Is there any type of insurance to protect the loan if something happened to me?

Yes. Credit Disability and Credit Life is insurance for your loan. If you got hurt on the job and could not pay the loan, you would be covered under this loan insurance. If you suddenly passed away, your family members would not be required to pay the loan. This protects you, your family, and your credit union from suffering financial losses, because of injury or death.

When I took out my loan with 705 FCU, I asked for a finance term of 48 months. I have been paying on my car loan for the last 36 months and I now have the money to pay off the rest of the payments. Will I be penalized for paying my loan off early?

No. There are no early repayment fees for paying the loan off early, and you will save money on the amount of interest you would have paid for the remaining 12 months of the finance term.

If I am approved for the loan, what is the deadline for accepting it?

Your loan approval is good for thirty days from the approval date. If you do not accept the loan within this time, you will need to reapply.

I currently have an auto loan with another financial institution. Their rate is higher than 705’s rate. Can I refinance with 705 FCU?

Yes. You can apply for a refinance with us at any time. We will set up the loan on your 705 account and send a check for the payoff amount directly to the financial institution that was financing your loan. You can also refinance a loan that you have with a dealership.

Can I pay my loan automatically from another financial institution?

Yes. In order to do this, you would need to setup an ACH transfer between your other financial institution and 705 FCU. This will allow you to send money from your other financial institution’s account to Section 705.

Do I have to be a member to get a loan from 705 FCU?

Yes. Before applying for a loan, you must qualify for membership and open a share savings account with a deposit of $25. After you open an account, you can submit a loan application.


HOLIDAY BRANCH CLOSURE: 705 FCU will be closed in observance of Juneteenth on Wednesday, June 19, 2024. Contact us with any financial needs between now and then!