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VISA Credit Card

Credit When You Need It!

Looking for a low rate credit card? 705’s credit card option could be the right fit for your financial situation. Below are the details: 

705 Credit Card

Fixed rate as low as 7.9 APR* on our credit cards for retail purchases or cash advances.

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Speak to a loan officer via email or over the phone at 337-232-8450. Learn more about the 705 Credit Card Reward Points!

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Financial Tip: Get your free annual credit report. You’re entitled to it, so take a look. Check for old accounts you no longer use, and any outstanding debt you’re not aware of. There should be no surprises; but if there are, you’ll want to take care of them.

Learn how EMV Cards will protect your identity!

Online Access

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Get Online Access for Your Credit Card Today!

Credit Cards

Make managing your fiances easier with the credit card login portal eZcardInfo. EZCardInfo puts you in touch 24 hours a day, seven days a week with information and services that make your credit card more convenient and easier to manage than ever before.

With the click of a mouse, you can view important information about your 705 FCU Visa. In addition, eZCardInfo allows you to make payments automatically and safely via through your online account.

Don’t forget that as a member, you also have the option to make your 705 FCU Visa payments conveniently online through our Online Banking. This is another option to allow you to see the details of your VISA Credit Card in real time.

VISA Rewards

Use Your ScoreCard Rewards Card and Earn Bonus Points!

Earn 2X, 3X, 4X or MORE Bonus Points with ScoreMore.

ScoreMore is a special feature that allows you to earn additional Bonus Points at participating retailers online and in-store. New merchants are added monthly! Check out all participating retailers in the online mall today! Here’s how: Score More rewards from ScoreCard

1. Simply go to

2. Click on the ScoreMore link and shop online or in-store at participating retailers.

3. Use your ScoreCard Rewards card for all purchases.

4. Watch your Bonus Points add up quickly!

Remember – Some retailers reward you when you shop online, and others when you shop in-Store and sign for your purchases. Some reward you for both! See the “Offer Details” to learn more.


Earn MORE Rewards Points on your 705 Credit Card!

You have a chance to earn even more rewards points on your credit card than usual. Below are the details for this credit card rewards special: 
  • 500 Rewards Points: For every secured loan that is closed, the member will get 500 points on their 705 VISA Credit Card.
  • 1000 Rewards Points: Don’t have a credit card with 705 FCU? No problem! If you close a secured loan and get a 705 credit card, you will receive 1,000 points on your 705 credit card.

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