About Us

About Us


WHO ARE WE? 705 Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. Profit made goes back to our members through lower interest rates on loans, fewer fees, and free to low cost financial products and services.

WHO CAN JOIN? Our members are made up of employees of various businesses within the Acadiana area who have chosen to partner with 705 Federal Credit Union to offer the credit union as a financial benefit to their employees. Family members of our current 705 FCU members are also eligible to open an account at the credit union. Check the full list of who can join our credit union.

WHY IS BELONGING TO A CREDIT UNION CONSIDERED A MEMBERSHIP? The term “member” in the credit union world stems from the ownership those that belong have within the organization. Our members own a “share” in the company with their savings account. Each individual must keep $25 in their savings account at all times to remain a member.



HOW DID 705 FCU BEGIN? 705 Federal Credit Union began in 1968 in Crowley, LA. It was led by a group of Postal Employees seeking to fill a void in their financial affairs. This group charted 705 FCU to serve postal employees in the 705 zip code area. Through the years this charter was expanded to include federal government employees in the same area and has since added businesses that have similar needs to the members we serve.

HOW IS A CREDIT UNION ORGANIZED? Credit union decisions are approved by our Board of Directors. The Board is a group of unpaid volunteers that are members of the credit union. This group is elected at 705 FCU’s Annual Meeting each year. This gives members a real say in the decisions made at the credit union. Any member can run to become a Board Director or volunteer to give back in other aspects of the credit union.

OUR MISSION: Our mission at the credit union is “Serving the 705 Zip code since 1968.” If we can meet your financial needs with the best possible service, we are doing our job right.

Member Stories

Member Stories

One of the main reasons we work at credit unions is to give back. Money is something Americans need and use every day. It can be extremely stressful when unexpected financial hardships happen. It’s at these times that we hope you turn to us for guidance on the next step. Here are some stories from members who have been there and gotten through it.

How has the credit union helped you financially? Share your story.

“I am honored to be the first member story for the new website.  I first joined the credit union in 1978, when I got out of the military.  We found our professional family at the Postal Service and in 1986 I volunteered for the Credit Committee and soon found myself immersed in the credit union movement.  The people helping people concept drew me into the movement because I felt the effect of personal service and the desire for the credit union to say yes; which was very important to a young family getting started.  I eventually became a Board member and over the years became President of the Board, where I continue to serve.  My entire family and I belong to the credit union and consider the credit union our primary financial institution.  As a board member, I have had the opportunity to continue the tradition of people helping people, while helping the credit union institute more products and services. With today’s technology it is more challenging than ever.  I encourage everyone to join me in meeting these challenges by allowing us to meet your financial needs.  Please, feel free to volunteer at any level, you will never regret it.” – Tom Colley, Former Board Chairman

“The credit union was a life saver for me! I was worried about being able to pay my car note with how high it was. 705 FCU was able to save me $100 a month and took a year off my auto loan by refinancing. The staff is always so friendly. I love to go over there!” – Dakari Robertson, Member 

This sweet member wanted to share her story to give others hope. This is what perseverance, patience, and faith looks like! Debra rode the bus for two years in order to save up enough to buy her first car on her own. Through financial counseling with Cassie for those two years, she was able to slowly build up her credit to make her dreams a reality. We are so proud of the hard work you put into making this happen! – Debra Sonnier, Member

NOTICE: Although we happily provide secure on-line applications to protect your privacy, please remember that any e-mail that you send and receive to anyone at any time is not secure. This is true for all e-mail, not only on our website. You should refrain from sending your account number(s), credit card number(s) or other sensitive data to anyone in an e-mail format.


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    advocateOne of the amazing things about the credit union movement is that it is cause related! With so many ways to give of yourself, it is hard to choose what cause to focus your energy on. Here is an easy one. Put your money at a credit union. By making the decision to “bank” with a credit union, you are choosing a local approach to finances. This chose keeps YOUR money in YOUR community, which helps the local economy grow and the Acadiana community flourish. AND because we are a not-for-profit, you and fellow members reap the benefits with lower interest rates, fewer fees, and higher dividends on savings accounts.

    At 705, we are fired up to help you grow financially and make positive decisions for you and your family. We don’t want to keep it quiet! We want to share this with your co-workers, your family members, and your neighbors. Credit unions are often called the best kept secret. Help us change this.


    Spread the word. Credit Unions have several grassroots efforts to get the word out about credit unions and to protect the credit union movement. See the ways that you can take an active role in spreading the good news of credit unions.


    The Credit Union Legislative Action Committee’s primary focus is to lobby on behalf of credit unions. CULAC keeps an eye out for bills that CULACcould negatively impact credit unions and their members. Thanks to them we can worry about serving you the best we can, while they focus on protecting credit unions. Many of Section 705 employees donate a portion of their pay check to help them to continue this work.

    Mission: CULAC’s mission is to “provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the credit union movement to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for federal office who believe, and have demonstrated their belief, in the principles to which the industry is dedicated.”

    See which candidates support credit unions BEFORE you vote. Thank you for your support in advance!


    Still Have Questions? Email Emily or call the credit union at 337-232-8450.

    #banklocal - make a statement with where you put your money. Choose a local approach to finances!


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