Account Services

account services

Which Account Services Fit Your Life Style?

At 705 FCU, we know that each member will not use every product and service we offer, but we know there is a product or service for every member! By having a savings account with us, you qualify to use or apply for every product or service we have to offer.

Is there something on the list below you wish we offered? The only way we can fix it is if you let us know. Email Emily about any additions that you feel would enhance your 705 FCU experience. 

Have a question? Visit our contact page for your preferred form of communication.

Account Services

Automatic Transfer

Save Big Automatically Using Automatic Transfers!

image of calendar Setup an automatic transfer to come out of your account on a recurring date (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.) This is a great option to help you save, pay 705 loans or Visa payments.

Financial Tip: If you are like most families, you spend your paycheck as soon as it is deposited to pay bills and to attend to a needed list of items. The challenge to spending in this fashion is that at the end of the payroll cycle, or at the end of the month, there isn’t anything left to save. To combat this all too common problem, set yourself up on an automatic savings program. You can choose an amount to transfer the same day that you get paid, into a savings account. Over time, these small transfers can add up to big savings!

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CO-OP Shared Branching

Locations ALL Over the U.S. with CO-OP Shared Branching!

This network gives you the option to have access to your finances at credit unions that are a part of the CO-OP Shared Branching Network. Conduct transactions such as: deposits, withdrawals, make loan payments; make transfers between accounts, purchase money orders, and official checks at 5,000 participating credit union branches and over 2,000 self service locations in the U.S.

coop shared branchingWhat do you need to participate? Find out which credit unions are participating. Simply, visit or download the iPhone or Android app. When you go into a Service Center you will need: your home credit union’s name, your account number, and a valid government issued photo I.D. (State Driver’s License or U.S. Passport.)

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Debit Card Fraud Prevention Tool

Looking to fight against fraud? Learn how Card Valet can help you do just that!

Direct Deposit

Your paycheck, social security check, or any recurring checks can be deposited electronically into your account automatically for your convenience. Plus, the enrollment process is just as simple as the deposits themselves!

1. Ask your employer for an automatic deposit or allotment election form (for federal government and Clerk of Court employees we have these forms at the Credit Union).

2. Complete the form and bring it to your payroll department to begin the transmission of your deposits. You may also wish to allot certain amounts to go to different accounts within the Credit Union.

3. Simply, notify us of the direct deposit or allotment you are having sent to us, so that we know how the monies should be distributed to your accounts.

4. That’s it! You’ll start having your check(s) deposited directly into your account every month without the hassle of doing it yourself.

NOTE: If you are not employed by one of our sponsor groups and your place of employment participates in direct deposit, then you must provide them with our Federal Reserve Routing Number and your account number.

  • Our routing and transit number: 265 274 503

As always, if you have any questions or would like further assistance in enrolling for direct deposit, call 337-232-8450.

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Money Orders

Need Money Orders? 705 Can Help You Out!

A money order is a paper certificate issued by the credit union for a specific amount that is in exchange for cash.

Money orders are available up to $1,000. For the cost of money orders and other products and services, visit our fee schedule.

Night Deposit Box

Just missed us? No worries! We have a night deposit box.

Feel free to use the Night Depository that is located in the Drive-Thru at 705 FCU. Please, remember that there should be no cash deposits in the night deposit box.

Do you work far from our credit union location? Try CO-OP Shared Branching! 705 FCU is a part of a network of credit unions who allow their members to do financial transactions at other credit unions (who are also a part of this network.) There are over 5,000 locations in the U.S.


Need a Notary? We have you covered!

Notary Service: Notaries are prominently used for the transfer of ownership on vehicles or for the witnessing of signatures on important documents. So, don’t overlook us next time you need notary service! Whenever the need arises, please contact the Credit Union to make an appointment with our Notary on staff to assist you in all of your notary needs. As always, we thank you for your loyalty to the Credit Union and we look forward to working with you!

View the fees for both services on our fee schedule.

For more information on credit unions, visit

Payroll Deduction

The Power of Payroll Deduction!

Deduct a portion of check to put into a savings account electronically! This way you do not even see the money. It goes straight into savings. Contact the credit union today to get the details of setting up payroll deduction.

Financial Tip: Set a money goal. Know what you’re spending in each category. Come up with an estimate of what you think you’re spending on these categories: housing, transportation, utilities, personal spending, entertainment, food, insurance, clothing, kids and miscellaneous. Know this will help you get an idea of how much to save and how you can cut back!

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Safety Deposit Box

Keep Your Valuables Safe with a Safety Deposit Box!

Any member can rent a Safety Deposit Box. These safe boxes are perfect for those important documents you never want to lose, such as your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate. You can also use it to keep something special in a safe place. Check out our box rates and sizes below. As always, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

*Rent charged on January 31st of each year. Fee will be pro-rated if box is rented after January 31st.

3 x 5 $25.00 Annual Fee
3 x 10 $45.00 Annual Fee
5 x 10 $65.00 Annual Fee
10 x 10 $85.00 Annual Fee

Don’t think you need a Safety Deposit Box? This can be a great Hurricane preparedness tactic to keep important items safe.

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Wire Transfers

All About Wire Transfers! 

woman with cellphone and laptopWire transfers are electronic transfers from one financial institution to another financial institution or entity. If you would like to setup a wire transfer to move funds to/from a 705 Federal Credit Union account, please call 705 FCU at 337-232-8450 and we will assist you in the details.

  • See details on fees on our fee schedule.
  • To setup a recurring transfer to an account other than your Section 705 account, call 337-232-8450. 
  • For more about credit unions, visit

Financial Tip: Setup a monthly budget. Does your paycheck seem like it disappears before it even makes it into your account? To make sure your money is going where you want it to, assign each dollar to a specific category or, if you wish, a marked envelope, such as housing, food, gas, savings, miscellaneous. That way, you’ll know what you’re spending – and when/if you’re going over your budget.




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