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Free ATM Locations

Find an ATM Wherever You Go!

We do NOT want you to be charged for getting your money. That’s why the credit union has a few options for access to your funds.

  • Local ATMS: 705 has teamed up with 10 plus credit unions in the Acadiana area. You can go to these credit unions surcharge free.
  • ATM Networks: Out of town? You can visit one of the ATMs in the Money Pass and Pulse Select network. Download the App (for iPhone and Android) or visit the websites listed below for locations.
  • COOP Shared Branch: Out of town or on the other side of town? Visit one of the several Shared Branching locations in the Acadiana Area and thousands in the nation. Click here for the details to utilize this awesome, FREE service. Visit the website or download the iPhone or Android app for your convenience.

Debit Card is Lost or Stolen

Debit Card Mishaps!

Wethief with red x know how stressful and unfortunate it is to get your debit card compromised. Please be diligent about reviewing your statement and/or Online Banking account. Do not hesitate to call if you believe that your card has indeed been compromised. We will walk you through necessary steps that need to be taken to resolve this issue. 

  • If lost or stolen, contact VISA at 1-800-472-3272 immediately, so they can put a freeze on your account.
  • NOTE: We strongly recommend using a credit card for online shopping, because it is much easier to dispute fraudulent charges.
  • Learn more by visiting 705 checking and debit cards.

Going out of town?

When going out of town: 

  • For security, please inform the credit union when you are going out of town (both international and within the U.S.)hat and sandals on a beach
  • Provide us with the dates of travel and destination of travel.
  • Reason: Securing your money is a top priority at 705 FCU. To do this, we must monitor the risks for you and adjust our policies accordingly. Due to an unfortunate rise in debit card fraudulent activities, all debit card usage for international travel has been hindered. If you are traveling out of the country or in need of international purchases on your debit card, you will simply have to contact 705 FCU in advance to advise us of your whereabouts.


Vacation Tip: Begin planning vacations or trips that you’ll be taking EARLY. Planning ahead can save you money and you might be able to stretch your budget further just by booking hotel rooms and airline tickets further in advance.

Debit Card Details

The Details on Your Debit Card!

Debit Cards are a wonderful option for those of you who want instant access to the funds in your checking account. This direct link allows you to get cash from ATM’s all over the U.S. and for simple payments at the grocery story. 

  • You may withdraw up to a maximum of $600 in any one day from an ATM if funds are available.ATM
  • You may purchase up to $2,500 in any one day (exceptions above apply) if funds are available.
  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited usage other than daily dollar limits

Helpful tools:


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