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Motorcycles have been around for over a century, and motorcycle owners would have no problem explaining why. For some, motorcycles are not only an efficient method of transportation, but also a lifestyle, a passion and a love. For others, the freedom of cruising around on the back of a sleek powerful machine is simply a dream that they’ve always had. motorcycle

Maybe you’re a current motorcycle owner who just needs an upgrade. Or, perhaps you’re one of the dreamers who has always fantasized about owning a motorcycle but just never had the funds to purchase one. Either way, 705 FCU would love to help you get the bike that will fulfill your every need and desire. Check out our awesome motorcycle loan rates below. We think you may be surprised to see that with our competitive financing opportunities, owning a motorcycle may not be as impractical as you may have always thought.

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New Motorcycle Details
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum amount financed: 100% financing available
Maximum term: 84 months
Term Loans under $15,000.00, the term is 60 months
Minimum loan amount for 72 months is $15,000.00
Minimum amount for 84 months is $30,000.00



Pre-owned Motorcycle Details
Loan Attribute Details
Maximum Amount NADA Book Loan Value
Maximum Term 5 years
Maximum Age As long as NADA can make value determination.


*******100% financing is to include selling price, tax, title and license fees and GAP*******

We hope you’ve found the information that will get you on your way to your dream bike.

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