Article II. Qualifications for Membership

Section 1. Field of membership: The field of membership of this credit union is limited to that stated in Section 5 of its charter.

Section 2. Membership application procedures: Persons eligible for membership under Section 5 of the charter must sign a membership application on approved forms. The applicant becomes a member upon approval of the application by a membership officer, after subscription to at least one share, payment of the initial installment, and payment of a uniform entrance fee if required by the board. If the membership officer denies a person’s membership application, the credit union must explain the reasons for the denial in writing upon written request.

Section 3. Maintenance of membership share required: A member who withdraws all shareholdings or fails to comply with the time requirements for restoring his or her account balance to par value in Article III, Section 3, ceases to be a member. By resolution, the board may require persons readmitted to membership to pay another entrance fee.

Section 4. Continuation of membership:

  • Once a member, always a member. Once a member, always a member until the person or organization chooses to withdraw its membership or is expelled under the Act and Article XIV of these bylaws.
  • Limitation of Notwithstanding any provision of these bylaws, the board of directors may adopt a policy that limits credit union services to any member not in good standing.

Section 5. Member in good standing: A member in good standing retains all their rights and privileges in the credit union. A member in good standing is a member who maintains at least the minimum share set forth in Article III, Section 1 of these bylaws; who is not significantly delinquent on any credit union loan; who has not had any account with this credit union closed due to abuse or negligent behavior; who has not caused a financial loss to this credit union; and who has not engaged in violent, belligerent, disruptive, or abusive activities, such as:

  • Violence, intimidation, threats, harassment, or physical or verbal abuse of duly elected or appointed officials or employees of the credit union, members, or agents of the credit union. This includes actions while on credit union premises and through use of telephone, mail, email or other electronic method.
  • Causes or threatens damage to credit union
  • Unauthorized use or access of credit union
  • Knowingly disseminating incorrect, misleading, confidential, or proprietary information regarding the credit union.
  • Any actions that may cause material risk or financial harm to the credit

A credit union may limit services for violent, belligerent, disruptive, or abusive activities only if there is a logical relationship between the objectionable activities and the services to be suspended. In the event of a suspension of service, the member will be notified of what accounts or services have been discontinued.

Subject to Article XIV of these bylaws and any applicable limitation of services policy approved by the board, members not in good standing retain their right to attend, participate, and vote at the annual and special meetings of the members and maintain a share account.